Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada vs USA - A game that will mark my generation

I woke up this morning earlier than usual having just gone to bed at 3am. But today is different. Today, a nation awaits for a game time start at 1pm MST. Team Canada vs Team USA for the Olympic Gold Medal. Who would have thought we would be uttering those words just one week ago. USA, and the media, Canadian fans were all discussing the demise of Team Canada.

The demise of Team Canada has been greatly exaggerated. Yes, we had difficulties and lost to a great US team lead by Ryan Miller. Am I concerned with Miller who is the hottest goalie in the Olympics? Of course, I wouldn't say I wouldn't but remember we still got 3 goals past him. We just couldn't stop anything. But, I LOVE American Propoganda. Americans don't care about hockey. OH wait they do when their country is in it and are doing well. They love it when they upset Canada and are the best at something. *CLAP CLAP*

Seriously, Team USA I hope Canada comes at you like a blitzkrieg.. wave after wave after wave of offense and hitting. Wearing you down. Pompus Ron Wilson who hasn't won anything to save his career and Brian Burke who thinks he's the messiah. Btw, good job in Toronto.

Canada there's nothing wrong to be proud, to be owning the podium.. is it proper in sports? HELL YA!! You think Gretzky didn't know he was the greatest player in his era? He knew it and made sure you knew it. Is it the Canadian way? No. But screw that.. this USA team cares less about Canada they are just happy to collect the cheques we pay them. Btw, Kesler I hope you get ROCKED by Shea Weber.

Remember Canada you don't have just a nation supporting you but u got each other. Play your game. Cycle down low and create offsense from the chances you generate. Shoot SHOOOT SHOOOOOT and have traffic in front of Miller. Get in his kitchen and just wear them down. 60 minutes of hockey boys.

Sid, you got to step up. We are looking at you to dominate and control this game. We need you to do so. Canada needs you. People will remember these games as a success if Canada wins Gold. Myself, I agree. Today I am proud to be Canadian and will be more Proud if we can put one more win and one more GOLD.

Let's go out there and win. This is for Gold, this is for Canada.

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